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Atlanta roleplaying games

Group ISO Player

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Princess and swan
Atlanta Roleplaying Games

Group ISO Player

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Zombie Peanut Butter!
I run a mid-paragon and rising 4E game once a month, usually from 1p to 6p or so, on Saturdays or Sundays as scheduling permits (though we prefer Saturdays). Setting is homebrew, but incorporates most of the backstory from the WotC books. The game is located at our house around Chamblee-Dunwoody and Buford Highway. We've lost a player and we're looking for someone to join in. There are 3-4 players most of the time, so one more would be awesome to help round out the group.

We don't have much to offer in the way of transportation, though the bus does run right outside the house if that's your chosen mode. Lessee... we do have cats, no small children, I'm not a big fan of players drinking booze while they play, and there's as much tangent socializing as actual gaming (l'sigh, much to my annoyance sometimes). I try to cook a large crockpot of food-stuff and welcome everyone to chip in after the game for dinner, but it's not a hard and fast rule.

Please drop me a line if you're looking to jump in. :) We'll prolly try to meet up for lunch or somesuch first to make sure we don't lunge at each others' throats in the first five minutes of conversation. The game for July hasn't been scheduled yet (due to the aforementioned loss of player) so if we're quick enough, we could drag you in sooner rather than later.

- ES
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